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Resume Highlights

CONNetic Dance
Oddball Comedy and Curiosities Festival

Dancer in sketch with Hannibal Buress


Dancer in Music Videos for Artists including Adam Sarette

and Caravan of Thieves

"Hello Dolly"  Fire Island Pines Arts Project      

Dancer in Photo in Vogue Italia, Photograph by Melissa Robin


Summer Love Festival  in Chengdu, China   

ABC Studios New Year's Rockin' Eve   
The Lady Gaga Experience           
Table of Silence 9/11 Dance Project at Lincoln Center  

M-Theory: Beyond String Theory Project   
YaleRep International Dance Festival   

Steps Rep Ensemble 

Movement Beyond 

Ballet Theatre Company

Ballet Theatre of Boston



         Dwight Rhoden, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Alan Sener,

          Yvonne Rainier, Jose Mateo, Richard Steinert,

            Ruth Vesenka Lewis

Ariel Arts-lyra
Steps on Broadway
Ecole Superieur de Danse de Cannes
L'Academie de Danse Classique
Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet
Jose Mateo's Ballet Theatre
Boston Ballet

"Carolyn Paine...turning and leaping with joy and expansiveness....
added to the large, loud presence of her dancing."
   -Dance Informa Magazine 
Carolyn Paine Dancer_edited.png
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